A Healthy Place to Learn and Grow

Prailey is a CIS student at Chisholm Trail Middle School who can be found in the CIS office every single day. She is plugged into the CIS girls’ self-esteem group, the CIS amiibros academic group, and the CIS guitar club.

Prailey also often attends the after-school STEM club called XSTEAM. CIS has a presence at this club each week, and it was there that Prailey was trying to figure out what to work on. I suggested we work on snap circuits. These are basically electronic kits that are quick and easy to assemble—you snap connections together to batteries on a pegboard.

We looked through the instruction booklet and settled on creating an FM radio. Seeing Prailey learn about electronics and the smile on her face when the speaker began playing a radio station was amazing! Keep pushing on, Prailey!