A Philosophical Young Man

Kameronn is a 7th grade student at Lakeside Middle School in Little Elm, TX and has been in the Communities In Schools of North Texas Afterschool Centers on Education (CISNT ACE) program for the past two years. His academic coaches and peers describe him as energetic, intelligent, creative, and kind. He’s known to sing, rap, write, dance, and create works of art to express himself.

In previous years, Kameronn struggled to contain his anger and would act out, but this year Kameronn has truly changed. He’s developed mechanisms to control his anger, cool off, and think clearly. He’s slowly becoming a philosophical young man.

Kameronn won our Club ACE Talent Show in February with an original rap created and performed before his peers and a live audience. Here are some of his impactful lyrics: “Today I can speak whatever is on my mind because my people fought to make sure freedom is defined, and they are your people too, but you just never knew. So when someone says that we’re different, just know that that’s not true.”

Keep up the great work, Kameronn! We’re so proud of you!