An ACE Student Council Leader

Jacqueline is a 5th grader at Hackberry Elementary in Little Elm, TX. This is her second year to participate in the Communities In Schools of North Texas Afterschool Center on Education (CISNT ACE) program. Last year, Jacqueline was a quiet student. While she always did her work and participated in ACE activities, she was never one of the most outspoken students. This year Jacqueline has come into her own, becoming a leader amongst her peers and unafraid to speak up.

Jacqueline was elected Historian for ACE Student Council this school year. Her responsibilities include being in charge of all record keeping for all of ACE. Not only does she excel at her position, but she is constantly reaching out and helping both the other members of Student Council and staff in ways that constantly go above and beyond.

When we provide students like Jacqueline a safe place to learn and grow, they will flourish and become leaders amongst their peers. Keep up the great work, Jacqueline!