Recruiting Mentors at DATCU

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to go to DATCU Credit Union in Corinth, TX to recruit volunteers to come mentor our students at Lake Dallas Middle School and Lake Dallas Elementary. We are always in need of positive figures for our CIS students.

At Lake Dallas Middle School, I have five mentors that come weekly to see their students. The students get very excited to know it is their day to meet with their mentor. They build a really nice bond throughout the year, which is very nice to see.

I had three new DATCU volunteers begin their volunteer journey at Lake Dallas Middle School this month! I am really excited to have them join our team and see the positive role models they can be for our children. They will be able to monitor the students’ grades and help them out with homework.

It will also allow students to have someone to talk to if they need. Sometimes a mentor is the only person a student feels comfortable taking to, and I am happy to provide this resource to our CIS students. We are really excited to partner with DATCU to recruit volunteers with us this year!