Shout Out to these “Shady Ladies”

Shout out to the “Shady Ladies” from Shady Shores Baptist Church! Since the beginning of the school year, these ladies have compiled food for food insecure families at Myers Middle School in Denton, TX to ensure they have meals and snacks to eat over the weekend. It is unbelievably helpful to have them supporting our students each week.

Most of these students were served through the Food 4 Kids program when they were in elementary school, so they were already identified as needing this service. However, it is challenging when that same program doesn’t support students once they’ve promoted from fifth to sixth grade.

The Shady Ladies bought nice backpacks for the students with a number secretly tucked inside, so the students can identify their backpack. Confidentiality is maintained between the students and the food program; that way students do not feel singled out among their peers. I give props to Linsey Schafer for starting this food program with these wonderful ladies, and I feel incredibly thankful to still have them helping and supporting our students this school year!