These volunteers are qualified to provide assistance in specific areas and implement specialized, group services for CISNT students. Examples of some services currently being provided are math tutoring, SAT/ACT Prep, and college application and financial aid assistance.

***Note: This volunteer role requires additional approval by the CISNT Volunteer Department. After your application is submitted, you may be asked clarifying questions by email or phone to verify qualifications and ensure that we place you at a school program that demonstrates a need for your services.

Steps to becoming a CISNT Academic Coach:

  1. Fill out the application HERE.
  2. RSVP to and attend a CISNT New Volunteer Orientation HERE.
  3. Gain approval by the CISNT Volunteer Department. This volunteer role requires additional approval. 
  4. Pass a criminal background check. (A link will be emailed to you after your orientation is completed, prompting you to login to Verified Volunteers and enter the information needed to run your background check.)
  5. Get deployed to a campus!