Why Mentor?

This is statistically our most impactful volunteer program for our students, providing both academic and emotional support. Studies have shown that students engaged in a high quality mentoring relationship are less likely to initiate drug or alcohol use, engage in physical confrontation, and/or struggle with truancy, while being more likely to achieve higher grades, exhibit academic and emotional confidence, engage in positive relationships, and pursue post-secondary education.

Meetings between mentor and mentee are one-on-one, under the supervision and support of CISNT staff. These meetings take place the same day and time each week, providing consistency to the often inconsistent lives of the children we work with. We ask that mentors commit to one hour each week for the duration of the school year.

Become a Mentor!

  1. Fill out the application HERE.
  2. RSVP to and attend a CISNT New Volunteer Orientation HERE.
  3. Pass a criminal background check. (A link will be emailed to you after your orientation is completed, prompting you to login to Verified Volunteers and enter the information needed to run your background check.)
  4. Get deployed to a campus!

To see the impact a mentoring relationship can have, please take two minutes to watch the video below about Debbie Garison, 2017 CISNT Volunteer of the Year, and her wonderful CISNT Mentee of 10 years, Rubi who just graduated Class of 2017 from Lewisville High School!